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Louis Kottmann, 29
Freelance DevOps

In short

I am a self taught generalist developer who fell into the Linux pit of love and hate.
I do Linux administration, scaling, full stack website development and some Lisp hacking.

Typically, that would be DevOps work, automating your infrastructure as much as possible, implementing continuous integration and delivery, high availability, security practices and generally handling lots of machines.
I used to be a developer, which helps me bridge the gap between dev and ops, understanding developers’ needs and pain points.

♥ Lisp, Emacs, Linux, Bash, Docker, Ruby, metaprogramming, UI/UX, Electronics/Mathematics, Remote work

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I’m open to other technologies as well.

Things I learn these days

From what interests me most to least useful at the moment


I speak English fluently.

For anything else, I’ll get the skill as needed. My primary talent is to learn!


My previous resume was 8 pages long. I don’t feel like boring you with lots of nonsense, please do not hesitate to ask for additional info on what matters to you in there ;)

Fairly exhaustive list of work done and in progress:

Effilab (February 2016 - Today)

| Rails, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS/OVH, Kubernetes
I started with a very quick infrastructure for Rails Microservices on AWS, with RDS, Elasticache, S3 ans SQS. CI/CD relied on Github and CircleCI.
I ensured every developer got a fully working environment the morning they came in via extensive use of docker and other open source tools.
CI/CD was then internalized using Gitlab-EE, enhanced via git server hooks for custom checks.
Ultimately, the project went global with kubernetes clusters spread accross the world, on several server providers hardware, deployed via ansible.

Various Freelance work (June 2015 - February 2016)

Devops | Logrotate, Docker, NFS, Bash, HTML/CSS
Custom RaspberryPis, infrastructure, websites, automation scripts, distributed log retention for legal purpose…

Praditus.com (December 2014 - May 2015)

Senior Backend Engineer | Rails, Mongo, Angular, Docker, AWS
My main job was to be a backend developer (Rails),
but I often coded all the way up (AngularJS),
while also maintaining the servers (AWS)
and their automation scripts (Bash/Docker).

Lilith (July 2014 - December 2014)

parts to-be open sourced | Docker
Various services hosted on baboon.io

R7 (2013- July 2014)

Canal+, as a contractor for SOAT | JS, HTML, Python, Docker
TV Box interface, team.

Salon AFPric (fall 2013)

Freelance | RoR, Postgresql, Heroku
A website I made for a non-profit to register for their show.

CEE & EEE (2013)

EdF, as a Contractor for SOAT | C#, Silverlight
Desktop app, energy savings managers. Maintenance & evolutions.

Push (2013)

Eurosport, as a Contractor for SOAT | C#, WCF, AVID
Windows service optimization for iOS & Android, the aim was better throughput.

Cocoon (2011-2013)

Eurosport, as a Contractor for SOAT | C#, WPF, WCF, MSSQL
Complete rewrite, alone. (130k sloc)
Desktop app, handles timings of shows aired on every channel of the group,
with real time sync between clients worldwide.

ThelmaSpy (2011-2013)

Eurosport, as a Contractor for SOAT | C#, WCF, AVID
Windows service, automatically generates video from AVID assets, alongside (manually made) transcripts.

Sc2ReplayMonkey (2010-2011)

Open Source | PHP->Phalanger->C#, WPF, Photoshop
Replay analyzer and replay library manager for Blizzard’s Starcraft 2.

Ultravision (July 2010)

Intern at ZETEC’s resarch center (Canada) | C#, C++, XML
Ultravision analyzes data from a sonic machine to modelize imperfections in unatainable pieces (such as Nuclear plants parts). Enhancements: Bug reports automation, data export, user fields.

In my library

From “currently reading” to “read cover to cover”

And lots of comic novels, including


Email: louis.kottmann+readeraward@gmail.com

Beauty is the ultimate defence against complexity — David Gelernter

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